We want to make sure your family stays safe.

Your pool can be the center for fun, family gatherings and relaxation. And we hope it is for many years to come. But because we know how important maintaining a safe pool environment is, we’re taking this opportunity to stress pool safety. It’s also why Payan Pool Service professionals are always available to help you identify as many safety options as possible.

Please take a few minutes to click on the video links below. We’ve included them to help keep your family safe in and around the pool. Always keep in mind, though, that the most important part of a safe pool environment is responsible adult supervision.


Payan Pool Service, Inc. in an official Campaign Safety Leader for the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s ‘Pool Safely’ Campaign.

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Pool Safety Tips
  • Teach your children to swim.
  • Never leave a child unattended by the pool.
  • Pool gates should self-latch and self-close.
  • In the event of a distraction, have everyone exit the pool.
  • Designate a “water watcher” to monitor pool activity.
  • Keep a telephone nearby.
  • Learn CPR.