What is the Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature?

July 25, 2018

Owning a pool has a number of benefits. You can take a dip and cool down on hot summer days, spend quality time with your family and friends, and lounge around your swimming pool. However, pool maintenance can be a hassle. This is why pool owners often turn to a company offering pool maintenance. At an affordable San Diego pool service cost, these professionals will keep your pool sparkling clean – hassle-free!

You can also ask your pool service about the perfect pool water chemistry and how to lessen the pool’s effect on your water bill. But right now, let’s focus the average pool temperature in California, so you can learn a few tricks and hacks yourself.

Here are a few tips about the perfect temperature so you can enjoy comfortable swimming – at your own convenience!

Keep it cool for water exercise (but not too cool)

Some people like to really cool down, others like to use their pool for exercise. If you spend a great deal of time swimming or you are a fan of aquatic exercise, we recommend pool water temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.

A cooler temperature encourages deeper and easier breathing and promotes a faster heartbeat so it will be easier for you to exercise in your pool. Also, a pool kept at cooler temperatures loses less water through evaporation and needs less chemicals to keep the water well-balanced.

There has been some buzz about the benefits of swimming in cold water, which allegedly burns fat. Although the body works a bit harder to maintain an optimal temperature, those calories you lose don’t necessarily equate to fat burn. In fact, anything below 70 degrees can give you that invigorating feeling when your body is in shock and may even cause irregular heart rhythms.

Warm it up for kids

The average pool temperature in California for children and people who are learning how to swim ranges between 86 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are inviting friends and want them to enjoy the soak and swim a few leisurely laps, your pool temperature could go as high as 85-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you should know that a pool kept at 90°F will lose heat at twice the rate of a 79°F pool. This means that a warmer swimming pool costs more money. Warmer pool temperatures promote algae growth and increase the evaporation rate. Thus, a cooler pool means less time and effort spent on maintenance.

Is the average pool temperature in California the right temp for me?

A temperature somewhere between 77 and 82 °F is the way to go if you are looking for a pool water that is not too hot or cold. The ideal temperature for diving is 79 degrees. This temperature will also save you money, making your pool more environmentally friendly in many ways.

However, the average pool temperature in California may not be the right pool temperature for you. According to some research, the sweet spot, that single temperature that could keep most swimmers happy is 85 degrees.

If you like your water warmer, that is perfectly fine but keep in mind that you should take air temperature into consideration. For instance, a pool kept between 86 and 88°F shouldn’t have air temperature above 84 degrees around it.

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