How to Choose the Best San Diego Pool Service Company

December 21, 2016

Servicing your pool means much more than simply cleaning it. Whether or not you are experiencing any obvious issues with your pool or you simply need routine maintenance or cleaning, it’s necessary to know exactly who you are letting into your home or commercial premises. While information such as years of experience and customer reviews are helpful, we wanted to offer more criteria to help you make an informed choice.

Here’s how you can make sure you are choosing the most reliable San Diego pool service company.

Check the Contractor’s License

When it comes to pool services, California’s Contractors State License Board can issue licenses for pool maintenance, repair, renovation, and construction. By keeping a record of all licenses, CSLB gives insight into what companies are operating in accordance with strict industry standards. San Diego pool service companies that possess these licenses usually display this information on their official website, but you can easily check it by visiting the official CSLB website and see if their license is active for the area you live in.

Check Other Certifications

In San Diego, a reliable pool service contractor should be IPSSA water chemistry-certified. The certification is one of the preconditions for a company to become a member of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, which also means they have to do business in accordance with the standards set by the Association. What’s more, if a company is a member of IPSSA, it’s eligible for the purchase of group general liability and life insurance.

Additionally, you can check if the contractor you are planning to hire is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This organization upholds high standards of business ethics, so BBB accreditation speaks volumes about a company’s credibility.

Check the Services the Company Offers

There is a difference between a full-service contractor and a contractor that offers only some pool services. A full-service contractor offers all the services your pool might require and can determine the exact service you need. It’s important to diagnose the issue accurately, so you can know exactly how long the repairs will last and what you will be paying for.

Check if the Company Works with Subcontractors

It’s reassuring to know that a company you are hiring can vouch 100% for the people they send to your home. A company that employs all their technicians, rather than outsources services to subcontractors usually has more control over the whole process in terms of time management and overall safety.

Also, a company’s employees are typically protected by workers’ compensation insurance, which guarantees that you won’t be held responsible for any possible injury that might happen on your premises.

Check if the Company Employs Factory-Trained Technicians

It’s important for you to know that the technicians servicing your pool have the right experience and technical know-how to get the job done, especially if they have to do large-scale repairs of construction work. Factory-trained technicians had first-hand experience with different types of pools and spas, so they are better equipped to evaluate the state of your pool or spa, identify the parts that need repair or replacement, and provide a reliable service.

San Diego Pool Service Contractor with 30 Years of Experience

Payan Pools is a respected full-service contractor with a CA State License and A+ BBB membership status. We have in-house repair technicians with extensive experience servicing more than 20,000 pools in San Diego every year. We boast an outstanding customer service team and office staff, working to guarantee a well-organized timely service to every customer. If you need pool or spa maintenance, repairs, installation or remodeling services, Payan Pools is a quick phone call away. You can also contact us online and we’ll promptly dispatch a skilled technician to your premises.