Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Pool Leak

April 16, 2018

A swimming pool is one of the most wonderful and valuable additions to a house. It keeps you, your friends and family entertained, healthy and active. Nothing can beat the feeling of jumping into cool water on a warm summer day. Every now and then, however, you may have to deal with an issue that requires the assistance of a San Diego pool repair service. Sometimes, these problems can be so subtle that you may not notice them immediately, especially when it comes to pool leaks. These leaks can be tricky and should not be taken lightly. Here’s why.

Damage to your pool pump and motor

In time, a pool leak will decrease the water level below the intake line, which can damage the whole pump system. The intake system at the skimmer basket will not be able to circulate the pool water to the filter, the pump motor and, in some swimming pools, the heater. Instead of the water, the line will take in the air. Given that the air can’t cool the motor, if the water level stays low, the pump is likely to overheat or collapse.

Structural damage

If you suspect a leak and immediately hire a reliable San Diego pool repair service, the leak can be detected before it causes considerable damage to the concrete substructure. In this case, the swimming pool leak may affect just the vinyl lining that the majority of pools have.

Keep in mind that even a tiny pool leak can erode the concrete and grow larger, resulting in more severe structural damage and water loss. This is why every delicate crack and tear needs to be checked right after it is spotted.

If you have a fiberglass pool and the ground around it becomes wet due to a leak, your pool may “float” in case there’s not enough water inside to equalize the pressure from the saturated soil. As a consequence, the sides of the pool can buckle inward.

Don’t take that chance! Regardless of the type of pool you have, contact a trustworthy San Diego pool repair service and have the cracks fixed as soon as possible before they compromise the structural integrity of the pool.

Damage to your plumbing

A pool leak can also affect the plumbing connecting the pool with the filter equipment, in which case the pipes may corrode. As we mentioned above, as the leak progresses, the ground may become saturated and erode, causing shifts in the foundation. This can lead to a tear or break in the pipes and the appearance of damp areas near the pool.

Chemical imbalance

Slow pool leaks will also have an impact on your pool water chemistry. It can be difficult to maintain perfectly balanced pH and chlorine levels, especially when the water level is lower than average. Chemicals you add to the pool will leak out with the water, which can result in algae growth.

The chlorine can have a negative impact on your plants, while the unbalanced water in your pool can affect your health, causing eye or skin irritation and bacterial infections.

Increased utility bills

In case you notice a major spike in your water bill, this can mean that your pool is leaking somewhere. Pool leaks can cause damage to your property, reduce the life span of your pool and increase your water and energy bills.

Because your pool pump will need more energy to keep the water circulating, you will see the effects on your energy bill as well. If you want your pool to be as energy efficient as possible, keep evaporation to a minimum and hire a pool professional to fix any leaks.

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