Is Fiberglass Pool Really a Good Choice?

July 11, 2017

If you’re thinking about investing in your own swimming pool, you are likely to face several challenges. First, you need to search for San Diego pool service companies and decide on the best one. Then you need to decide on the pool design and shape. While looking into pool types, you may wonder if the increasingly popular fiberglass pool is your optimal choice.

As anyone working at San Diego pool service companies would say, each type of pool has both pros and cons to consider. Some homeowners decide on the fiberglass pool because of quick installation, smooth surface and reduced maintenance costs. Some of the disadvantages are possible cracks and pop-ups, plumbing problems and limited sizes and shapes. If you don’t need a pool wider than 16’ and deeper than 8’ and don’t mind higher construction costs, you may consider purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool. Before you do, think wisely. Here are some basic pros and cons.


Quick installation. The installation of a fiberglass pool can be finished within two weeks from concept to completion. The fiberglass pool is ready-made and will arrive at your home as a large one-piece shell. It is then positioned in the excavated hole with the help of a crane. This way, you’ll avoid your yard looking like a mess during the construction time.

Low maintenance costs. Fiberglass swimming pools are easier to maintain. The non-porous finish is contaminant and algae-resistant. Therefore, the surface is easier to clean and vacuum.

Compatible with salt chlorine generators. Salt is a great alternative to water chlorination, but it’s hard on concrete and metal surface. Salt chlorinators have a tendency to damage the plaster finish, which is not the case with a fiberglass surface.

Smoother surface. The non-abrasive fiberglass surface is smooth and gentle on the skin, so playing volleyball will not result in bloody feet and toes. The manufacturer can also add a non-slip top coat to the swimming pool steps and floor to make entering or exiting the pool safer.

Design advancements. Fiberglass pools now offer a variety of design options. They can have molded steps, coves, benches, and deck configurations. In the beginning, white was the only finish available, but now you can choose from different color finishes that can give your pool a unique look.


Bulging walls. Fiberglass pools are shipped to the home in their final shape and require some sort of backfill to hold them in place. This backfill is usually sand. The trouble is that sand can become liquefied when saturated with water. If the shell isn’t strong enough, the amount of pressure exerted on the pool walls can result in bulges in the wall.

Leaks. Sand can also cause problems with the plumbing. If the sand around the pipes isn’t fully compacted, it will continue to settle over time, applying pressure on the pipes. This can cause damage to the return lines that run from the pump and filter to the pool and compressed suction lines, as well as to the main drains at the bottom of the pool. Eventually, you may notice lower water levels and wet spots near the pool, which are signs of a leak.

Spider cracks. Though durable, fiberglass pools are not immune to aging. Delicate cracks can appear on any fiberglass surface. This aesthetical issue can cost you thousands of dollars.

Difficulty repairing the shell. Fiberglass pools are not designed with repairs in mind. Most of them do not need major renovations for many years. However, if it gets damaged during the construction process or you need a repair for some other reason, you’ll face difficulties finding a patch that matches the original surface. Keep in mind that topcoats can fade, scratch and peel over time, especially due to sun exposure. Though visually appealing, multilayer finishes are hard to match, repair and refinish. Those painted patterns and flecks are difficult to copy and the repairs usually require professional equipment and expertise.

Limited shapes and sizes. If you wish to customize your pool and, for instance, want a rounded lagoon shape, you probably won’t find it made out of fiberglass. Because fiberglass pools are built from a mold, sizes and shapes are limited to the ones offered by fiberglass pool manufacturers. Fiberglass pools are transported via road and because of the shipping restriction limit, they can be no wider than 16’. On the other hand, when it comes to concrete or plaster pools, options are nearly endless.

Best among San Diego pool service companies

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