How Much Does a Pool Affect Your Water Bill?

September 6, 2018

Considering how owning a pool will affect your home budget is a responsible thing to do before installing one in your home. While you’re estimating all the costs, a question about water consumption may cross your mind. How much does a pool affect your water bill, exactly? If San Deigo pool service cost estimation seems tricky to make, contact Payan Pools, the experienced pool service provider, for reliable, facts-based information.

Although the safety of chemicals used in the pool is the number one priority for some owners, others are more concerned with finding the ideal swimming pool temperature. But what all prospective swimming pool owners have in common is being price-conscious, so here’s what you need to know.

How much does a pool affect your water bill?

Although installing a pool is a significant investment on its own, the impact the pool will make on your water bills won’t be harsh. Once you fill your pool for the first time and have your service provider treat the water appropriately, you won’t need to refill it for quite some time.

Filling the pool

After the pool is installed and filled, the next water bill will raise proportionally to the amount of water used, depending on your pool dimensions. If your pool is standard, rectangle-shaped, you can easily calculate how much water you will need to fill it, and how much it will cost you. If your pool is irregularly shaped or built in different depths, and you don’t have the time to deal with the math of it all, feel free to check with your pool service provider.


Draining and refilling


After the first filling, if handled and maintained properly, your pool will not affect your water bill for the next several years. Pool industry experts suggest that a pool doesn’t need to be drained more often than once every 5-7 years. After that, draining is a must, to cleanse the pool from the years of chemical balancing and swimmers’ bodily residues such as dead skin cells, oils, sunscreen, hair etc. When the pool is drained and refilled, your next water bill will increase, as it did when you filled the pool for the first time.
How much does a pool affect your water bill if you don’t handle the maintenance properly? It depends on how often your pool needs to be drained and, subsequently, refilled. Recommendation of 5-7 years to wait does not apply if:

  1. The pool water became chemically untreatable sooner. When pool owners neglect their maintenance responsibilities, the water can become infested with bacteria or algae to such extent that it becomes impossible to restore its chemical balance. In such cases, draining is the only option to sanitize the pool properly.
    2. The pool water needs to be drained before the recommended time in case of a pool system malfunction that requires “dry” repairs. Refilling the pool afterwards will affect the water bill.


Other factors


How much does a pool affect your water bill in special circumstances?
1. In case of a pool leakage, it is important that it’s quickly noticed and repaired.  Any water loss will affect your water bill.
2. The pool water naturally evaporates in small amounts every day, requiring smaller refills from time to time. The factors that affect the evaporation are: how much the pool is exposed to direct sunlight, the climate, and how much the wind blows over the pool area. In a week, the loss should not be more than a couple of inches from the water surface.


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