Everything You Wanted to Know about Infinity Pools

March 28, 2017

Most pool lovers have at least heard of infinity pools or vanishing edge pools, if not seen them or swum in them. The basic idea of an infinity pool is to create an optical illusion that the pool has no edge, and if done right, it can appear to seamlessly transition into another body of water or the horizon. While it would be awesome to have one, there is much more behind the infinity pool than most of us realize. This text delves a bit deeper into how they work and what it takes to maintain them.

What are infinity pools?

These are pools where water is allowed to flow over one or more edges, creating an edgeless experience. Even though we may associate them with modern age, they have been around for a remarkably long time. The earliest designs of this concept can be found in 15th century France. It was implemented in a pool surrounding a statue in the palace of Versailles. The only thing that has changed since then is the materials and the technological advancements; the concept and the basic principle is the same.

Where can you find them?

These pools have become the staple of luxury and decadence. The most typical place you can find these design marvels are rooftop pools. A range of hotels now offer the unique views and experiences from their rooftop hotel pools. On rooftops, these pools can create the illusion that there’s nothing separating you from the endless sky, which appeals to most people. Similarly, many seaside resorts put these pools near the sea or ocean, making it seem like the pool just stretches on and on and finally merges with the sea.

What are they made of?

More often than not, infinity pools are made from regular pool building materials. Cement, stone or other typical materials can all be used. The illusion with these pools comes not from the material, but from the design.

Since all infinity pools are custom made, there are instances of them being made from see-through materials, like fiberglass to enhance or complete the effect, but it is not essential in keeping up the illusion. However, due to the locations they are built on, you will need help from architects, engineers and designers to ensure that the pool is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How do they function?

The key part of the infinity pool is the edge you want to be invisible. This side, or sides, of the pool are made to be slightly lower than the water level. This will create a continual flow of water towards that edge. Even more important is the slope of that side. That particular wall needs to be slanted slightly outward, so as to promote the water flow. Just outside that part of the pool is the catch pool. This part collects all the water which flows out of the pool and pumps it back to the pool.

Is there a special maintenance for them?

No specialized maintenance is required for these pools when compared to any normal poll. However, due to their complex design, they need to be fitted with two sets of pumps, one for the pool, and the other for the catch basin, which needs to return the collected water back into that pool. An additional set of filters is required too.

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