Common Problems Caused by Pool Leaks

January 8, 2018

Is your pool losing more than a quarter inch of water each day? Have you tried any of the strategies to prevent water loss and nothing worked? The chances are you have a leak and sooner rather than later, you will need the help of pool service San Diego experts.

Even a small swimming pool leak can lead to major issues in case it’s not detected and fixed in a timely manner. Here are the most common pool leaks and problems they can cause.

Mechanical issues

An air leak may be the reason why your pool pump isn’t in its prime. It can be caused by an obstruction in the suction lines, a leaky valve stem, or a break in the plumbing.

If the water level drops below the suction line, your pool pump system may be jeopardized. Instead of water, the line will take in air. A few bubbles here and there are harmless but excess air in your pool filter and pump can cause the system to overheat or shut down.

Also, if you notice water on the floor of the pump area, you are probably dealing with a shaft seal leak. The seal is important because it keeps the pump motor isolated from the wet components and the impeller. Seek the most reliable pool service San Diego can provide and have the leak repaired immediately.


A breakage in the underground plumbing lines can not only affect your pool pump, but also flood the surrounding landscape and erode concrete decking. A leaking pipe and underground cracks can feed dirt into your swimming pool, as well.

Watch out for the signs such as water around the deck, damp patches or lush vegetation during dry periods. They may indicate that your plumbing system has a leak in a pipe. Call a pool service San Diego professional to fix it as soon as possible.

Structural damage

Vinyl pools are the most susceptible to tears. Leaks in a vinyl liner are quite common and can cause a myriad of problems, such as sinkholes, cracks and fissures.

On the other hand, gunite and fiberglass pools may last for years without any structural problems. However, though long-lasting, they are not immune to cracks due to aging. If any breakage appears, be sure to have it fixed as soon as possible; otherwise, water will seep into the ground and cause more issues.

If you own a gunite pool, keep in mind that loose tiles may cause cracks in the structure. Fiberglass pools can have delicate spider cracks that spread fast. Regardless of the type of pool you own, be aware that any crack or tear left unchecked can grow larger and cause significant structural damage.

Chemical imbalance

Water loss can also affect the chemical balance and the sanitary quality of pool water. Eventually, even a small leak will create an imbalance in the pool pH levels.

The pH is a measure of the alkalinity or acidity of water. It should be tested regularly and kept between 7.2 and 7.8. Unbalanced pH levels in pool water can cause algae growth, increase equipment and surface corrosion, and decrease chlorine effectiveness.

Given that a pool leak causes the water level to drop below the skimmer, this balance gets disturbed. If the leak is not taken care of, the result is poor swimming pool hygiene.

Also, chlorine will leak out of the pool along with water. The leaked water may saturate the ground, leaving a residue of chlorine, which can hurt the plants in your yard.

Pool service San Diego residents can rely on

Pool leaks can cause serious damage to your property, increase your water bill and make you spend more money on chemicals to keep your pool clean. Not to mention costly repairs!

If you suspect a leak, reach out to Payan Pools, the best pool service San Diego can offer! As a BBB-Accredited business and a full-service contractor, we can help you with pool and spa repair, maintenance, or remodel.

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