Advantages of Installing LED Pool Lightning

June 9, 2017

Take swimming at night in your backyard pool to a whole new level and set the mood with proper pool lighting. As one of the things that will make your San Diego pool stand out, LED lighting is both aesthetically appealing and practical.

LEDs are the new standard in swimming pool design and they are here to stay. There are plenty of good reasons to install them. Some of the benefits of LED illumination are energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance and digital control that offer numerous visual effects.

If you haven’t switched to LEDs yet, you should seek a trusted company that offers San Diego pool services. Payan Pools’ certified and skilled professionals have vast experience in pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, installation, remodeling and upgrades. We are ready to give you advice and present you with numerous lighting options to make your pool a showpiece.

Our experts have prepared a list of benefits of LED lighting every pool owner should consider.

Energy savings

Illuminating your pool doesn’t need to have a serious impact on your energy bill. You would think that brighter light comes with higher energy usage. LED light bulbs actually use far less power than incandescent bulbs, while giving off more light. LED lights consume only 20 to 50 watts of energy, while incandescent bulbs use 300 to 500 watts per hour.

Long operating life

An LED light bulb lasts more than 50,000 hours, which is about 50 times longer than an incandescent one, 20-25 times longer than an average halogen and 8-10 times longer than a CFL bulb. That means that if it operates for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, it could last 12 years! You may never have to change a light bulb again!

Eco-friendly solution

By installing LED lighting, you’ll lower energy consumption, reduce running costs and make your pool more eco-friendly. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals that are dangerous for the environment. They are also a hundred percent recyclable and have a long life time expectation. One LED light bulb can even save on material and production of as many as 25 incandescent light bulbs!

Low maintenance

LED lights last for years and they are easy to install and maintain. Go for lower maintenance costs and put an end to the nuisance of changing underwater lights or pool lights in hard-to-get-at places.

Special features: more color, more control

Amazing and vibrant colors are a huge benefit of LED lighting. Make your pool come alive with rainbow colors and highlight beautiful features of your backyard and pool! With digital technology, various operating modes and convenient controls, you can really use the magic of lighting to create a relaxing backyard oasis. You can operate the lights through a central switch or use a remote switch.

LEDs can be installed in, on and around the pool to light the pool area or illuminate the water surface. So why not add the wow factor to your pool and enhance its visual appeal with underwater LED pool lighting? Lights that change colors will set the mood for any occasion or event.

30 years of best San Diego pool services

Installing LED fixtures is an excellent way to light your property, reduce energy costs and add visual appeal to your outdoor space. If you have questions about LED pool lighting, our experts are here to help! Payan Pools is a reputable full-service company that has been offering San Diego pool services to homeowners for three decades. Call us today and give your pool a unique look! See what a difference lighting can make!