Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

June 22, 2018

So you have an eye-catching pool that is a stunning focal point of your backyard. But if you want to enjoy your wonderful, soul-soothing at-home retreat, you need to keep your pool at its best – clean, healthy and ready for the summer fun! However, a maintenance routine can easily become a source of frustration if you take it upon yourself to keep your pool impeccably clean.

Are you battling with dirt and grime or striving to preserve that fine balance of chemicals in your pool? You can try googling “pool maintenance near me” or read on for some swimming pool maintenance tips that will keep your San Diego pool always inviting and ready for use each and every day!

Check your pool chemistry: test the water every week

To keep your pool healthy and safe, use water testing kits to check pH, total alkalinity, and chlorine. You should test your pool water once or twice a week in the summer and once every one or two weeks in the winter.

  • The pH level. Keeping your pool in perfect harmony means maintaining the pH level somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH level is lower, the pool water becomes acidic. Sodium carbonate is typically used to raise the pH level. If your pH is higher, then your water is basic and you should use muriatic acid to lower it.
  • The total alkalinity. Total alkalinity (TA) is a measure of water’s resistance to change in pH (how fast can it change from a high pH to a low pH level). The recommended values are between 80 and 120 ppm (parts per million). When the level of TA is within this range, the pH level is more stabilized and unsusceptible to rapid changes.
  • The chlorine level. Keep chlorine values between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm. Any higher, and chances are you will experience dry hair, red and watery eyes, blurred vision, itchy skin, etc. On the other hand, cloudy water can suggest lower chlorine levels.

Keep the skimmer basket clean

The skimmer’s job is, as its name says, to skim the surface of the water, not letting contaminants and debris float down to the bottom of the swimming pool. However, if not proactively cleaned, your skimmers can become clogged with debris.

To keep your skimmer’s performance at its optimal level, empty the contents of the skimmer basket(s) once a week or whenever needed depending on the conditions.

Clean the filter

A dirty filter can have a strong negative impact on your pool circulation and lower the efficiency of the pool pump by up to 80%. As the pool water passes through the filter, small particles of debris cling to the filtration elements. In time, they will accumulate and keep the water from passing through the filter as easy as it used to.

If you maintain proper chemical levels but forget to clean the filter or hire a pool maintenance company in San Diego to do it for you (you can always do an online search by typing “pool maintenance near me” in the search box or call your trusted Payan Pools, Inc.), you may notice that your pool water is looking greenish and cloudy.

Skim every day

Don’t forget to use a manual pool skimmer every day to remove floating leaves and other debris from the water. This way, you will help prevent the water from becoming cloudy and dirty as the floating debris will become saturated and eventually break down if not removed timely.

Looking for reliable pool maintenance near me in San Diego?

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