Why You Need Pool Maintenance during San Diego Winter

November 30, 2016

Many people feel that just because they are not actively using the pool, it needs less maintenance. Unfortunately, since owning a swimming pool is a big investment in itself, you might want to troubleshoot even the smallest issues before they turn into a costly repair work.

Ironically, pool owners in colder parts of the U.S.A, especially those that get snow, don’t need to worry about maintenance as much as San Diego homeowners. That in mind, let’s consider some of the reasons why you should consider a professional pool maintenance San Diego service in winter months.

Home Appeal

If you are like most San Diego homeowners, your outdoor swimming pool is the crowning jewel of your property. It gives the whole complex that specific California charm and creates the feeling of prosperity, well-being and (let’s face it) the American dolce vita. If you neglect your pool, it will very soon become unsightly, and invite the finger pointing from the rest of the neighborhood. Why put yourself in such a position when you can prevent it with regular pool maintenance?
Filthy Swimming Pool - Pool Maintenance San Diego

Debris and Algae

It may seem silly to worry about a couple of leaves that landed in your pool. What’s not silly is constantly neglecting them, as well as all the dirt that inevitably forms on the pool walls or the plaster. Why? Put simply, all the organic matter ending in your pool proves to be an excellent environment for the formation of algae. Once your pool gets algae, you’re in for several months of battle to get rid of them.

Water Waste

If the unspeakable happens (that is, the amount of debris and algae becomes too great), you will have to drain all the water from your pool for it to be thoroughly cleaned. Can you even imagine how much water you would be wasting in this way? In the era of acute environmental consciousness, you simply can’t afford to be oblivious.

California Storms

While it’s true it doesn’t snow in San Diego, we do get our fair share of storms and rain in the winter months – remember El Niño? Strong winds that accompany these weather atrocities bring all sorts of debris which we simply cannot overlook. Since you know that above normal precipitation is not uncommon in San Diego County, it would be a good idea to account for regular pool maintenance.


Surprisingly to some, if you add up the costs of regular winter pool maintenance, it would still be lower that a major spring clean. Besides, regular maintenance is much smaller in scope, and therefore – less time-consuming.


It’s only common sense to say that, if you maintain your pool regularly, you can troubleshoot smaller issues and prevent them from escalating into a serious damage. As we already established, even a small oversight such as not cleaning the dirt off the pool tiles can lead to the development of algae, which are, in turn, difficult and time-consuming to get rid of. That is, get rid of completely.
Clean Pool With Waterfall - Pool Maintenance San Diego

Resale Value and Return on Investment

It’s no secret that having a well-maintained pool increases your home resale value. There are buyers you can let slip away simply because your pool is not the same style like the pools in your neighborhood. Imagine then what their reaction would be if your pool was neglected and looked dirty.

By the same token, if you take care of your pool regularly, you will get a great return on your investment if you eventually decide to sell your house. The cost of routine maintenance will definitely be lower that the margin you can get from the resale deal.

Perceived Value

The hard truth is that, no matter how hard you try to decorate the interior, the exterior will always be the first thing everyone will see. If your swimming pool is unsightly, your neighbors and passers-by will naturally assume that the rest of your house is in the same state. What’s more, you will come across as irresponsible and neglectful. Oftentimes, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Premier Pool Maintenance San Diego

Don’t let things get out of hand when you can do so much with so little. Payan Pools, Inc. is a State Licensed contractor for pool maintenance, so you are guaranteed a reliable, professional and timely service. For more information on our services and a quote, contact us at (619) 449-1392 or online.