How to Reduce Water Loss in Your Pool

September 15, 2017

Have you noticed a considerable water loss in your pool and almost instantly searched San Diego pool service cost on the Internet, worrying that you’re dealing with a leak?

Maybe there really is a crack or hole somewhere letting the water escape. Or maybe there is a different mechanism at work and your pool won’t need costly repairs. Maybe the culprit is evaporation.

On average, swimming pools lose approximately a quarter inch of water every day. However, factors like air temperature, humidity and wind intensity can significantly affect water loss rates. You can experience water loss up to half an inch a day even if you don’t have a leak.

Still, water conservation is important. Evaporation doesn’t just require you to refill the pool to maintain the water level. It increases your water bill. Due to chemical and heat loss, your other running costs will rise, as well.

Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you reduce evaporation and save water, energy, and your money.

Get a pool cover

One of the most effective steps you can take is to use a pool cover whenever you are not using the pool. Pool covers can slash evaporation up to 95 percent!

Covering your pool will also minimize temperature changes and chemical evaporation. This way, you can reduce energy and chemical consumption up to 50 percent! A pool cover will prevent debris from getting into the pool, as well. You won’t be asking around about San Diego pool service cost anymore.

Reduce water temperature

Warm water has faster-moving molecules that will evaporate more easily, especially when the temperature drops during the night.

Cooler water is more resistant to evaporation so it would be good to reduce the heat to the lowest temperature you can comfortably swim at. Of course, if you won’t be using your pool for some time, you should turn down the heater.

Keep pool accessories simple

Water features, fountains, laminar sprayers and waterfalls add beauty and have a dramatic impact on your backyard oasis. They can be extra fun but when in use, they also speed up evaporation. This happens because they increase water surface exposed to air and sunlight.

Features that spray water into the air or cascades in raindrop-style sheets expose small water drops to heat and air, and they are more prone to evaporation. Turn them off when the pool area is not used. You’ll minimize this impact and save energy that your pool pump needs to run them.

Add windbreak

You may consider adding a windbreak around your pool, especially if you live in a windy area. This strategically placed barrier will prevent the wind from hitting the water surface directly.

Not only can a windbreak slow evaporation, but it will also keep gusts of wind from creating waves and blowing water out of the pool.

Best San Diego pool service cost & value

If your water level is dropping more than half an inch per day, it’s time to call professionals for a leak detection. If you notice unusual water loss, don’t hesitate to contact Payan Pools Inc., a reputable certified pool operator in San Diego.

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