Don’t Make These Common Swimming Pool Mistakes

July 10, 2018

If you own a swimming pool, then you already know how great it is to have an endless source of fun and enjoyment, especially under the blazing California sun. However, this lifelong investment in your health and entertainment comes with a set of maintenance tasks that many pool owners in San Diego gladly pass on to a pool cleaning service. After all, swimming pool cleaning service prices are affordable, especially when you find a reliable pool company that can take care of all your pool needs, saving you time, money, and energy.

If you, on the other hand, have decided to maintain your pool by yourself, then you know how delicate water chemistry is and that it takes time and effort to keep the pool impeccably clean and healthy.

Also, you may not realize it, but there are certain pool care mistakes that make your maintenance routine even more of a hassle. Luckily, there are some tricks and tips that can make pool maintenance a breeze!

Not testing your pool water consistently enough

Maintaining the proper chemistry levels in the pool water is truly a balancing act. Just about anything can disturb that delicate balance if you neglect your pool water chemistry, including debris, body oils, cosmetics, rainfall, etc.

The longer you leave the pool water untreated, the more chemicals, as well as time and effort, you will need to restore the balance. This process can be so tiring that you may want to reach out to a professional offering pool care at competitive swimming pool cleaning service prices.

“But how often do I need to test the water?” you may wonder. Given that the pool’s chemical levels change frequently, check your pool water chemistry 1-2 times per week in the summer and once in 1-2 weeks in the winter.

Keep your alkalinity increaser, pH increaser and other important balancing chemicals in stock and ready to be used whenever it’s necessary to adjust the pool alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels.

Not shocking your pool properly

Shocking your pool is an effective way to boost the chlorine level in no time. By adding 3-5 times the normal amount of chemical sanitizer, you will keep your swimming pool clean and safe and avoid skin or eye irritations.

So you understand how important it is to shock your pool but do you know exactly how and when to do it? To effectively and correctly shock your pool, you should wait until night time (or dusk).

Because the chemicals in the shock are non-stabilized, the sun will burn off the chlorine in the shock much quicker than regular (stabilized) chlorine. Therefore, if you shock your pool during the day, you won’t be giving your super chlorinating treatment enough time to work.

Also, before adding the shock to the water, dissolve it in a bucket of water first. Do not add the shock directly to the pool water or your skimmer.

Not running your pump long enough

Many pool owners in San Diego try to lower their pool maintenance costs by turning off their pool pumps. However, if you don’t want your pool water to become murky, you should definitely keep your pump running for a long period of time.

How long? Keep your pool pump running for at least 8 hours per day. This way, all the water will have plenty of time to pass through the filter and stay clear.

Top-notch maintenance at the best San Diego swimming pool cleaning service prices

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